Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Swelterfore 12, 1014

Tomorrow is the night. Anticipation and excitement are competing to see which one will take the bigger hold of me. Try as I might I cannot get my mind off of Hiricine. I cannot wait to be rid of his beast and no longer his puppet, but as he’s a deity I can only hope that this potion will truly cure us from his hold.

I have finally finished my project. Arthur has offered to help me polish and box them up in the morning so that they can be given as gifts before tomorrow evening. He praises them as my best work yet, but I still see so many faults with them due to the rush and lack of practice in so long. Hopefully the others will appreciate the sentiment even if their appearance falls sub-par.

Swelterfore 9, 1014

The potion is finally ready, but we’ve been instructed to wait until the full moon which will not be for another few nights. In the meantime I will be finishing Sebastian’s dagger hopefully before we go and try to fight off our beasts. Arthur is very happy to see me working on my craft with such “eagerness and drive” as he called it. He’s been helping me refine and polish up the completed ones and has eased right back into his mentoring style that he used to take on when I was his apprentice. Those were much simpler days back then. Outside of the forge, Cyrus and Lance’s study sessions have been going well. Lance is learning a few supposedly basic spells, and he seems eager to learn more. Perhaps once this curse is resolved and he is reunited with his mother he can continue with his studies. He reminds me so much of Andrew…

Swelterfore 7, 1014

The potion to rid us of these beasts should be ready tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the last night I have to deal with scales and an unpleasant dragon. Being at the forge all day over the past week has helped, I think. She’s at least quiet while I’m beside the flames. I’m almost done with the daggers for everyone as well. I have the one for Lance, Mark, and Cyrus finished. Only the one for Sebastian remains to be completed.

Swelterfore 4, 1014

Marcel showed up today. Mother must have sent him a message. He came into the forge while I was working on Sebastian’s dagger and took a seat and listened to anything I would say, kind of like father used to. I asked him to stay until we had taken the cure, just in case, and if it went badly to kill me before I had a chance to hurt anyone. He agreed. He was more for it than Sebastian. He’s bunking at my house as he normally does. I’m glad he’s here. I now have peace knowing that at least Redriver is safe if the worse should happen.

Swelterfore 1, 1014

I have started on a collection of daggers. Each dagger will represent on of us and our curse. I started with the one that is to be for Lance. It’s handle is a snake. The tail will wrap around a gem at the base, and the blade will seem to come from it’s mouth. It has been a while since I’ve been at a forge. I’m hoping this turns out well.

Hearthlit 30, 1014

We are back in Redriver. Landella is becoming more and more antagonizing. Mark went to drop off the ingredients and I went to the forge. The forge has always been a comfort to me; hopefully it will bring me peace again. Mark reported back that it will take 8 days for the potion to brew and that we would be drinking it under the full moon.

Hearthlit 24, 1014

We arrived in Cliffport today. We took a teleport to Talos and just as we were leaving we ran into the one person I did not wish to see: my mother. She looked concerned, I couldn’t blame her. I told her that we had all the ingredients, but that we—I—may not make it. She hugged me. It reminded me of the hug she gave me when I first went off almost six months ago. It was warm, motherly. I hugged her the same and before she let go I whispered to her “good-bye.” I think that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say, but just in case this doesn’t go well… She needed to know. 5 more days to Redriver, about a week for the cure. Almost there.

Hearthlit 17, 1014

It happened again. Landella took over, briefly. She’s much stronger than I would like, but I guess that makes her a worthier opponent in the end, right? I hope so. When she took over this time though I sprouted full wings and a tail. This is not pleasant and cannot be good in any imagination of the word. It scared me so much that after a few moments when I recovered and was back in control I pulled Sebastian to the side. I asked him that if it should ever get too bad then I wanted him to put an end to it, by any means necessary. He said he would try and that is reassuring.

Cyrus had his “friend” that is trapped inside his arm talking to him today as well. It proposed a deal to him, though Cyrus was not exact with the details of said deal.

Solomon came and we left Illsmarsh, hopefully for good.

Hearthlit 15, 1014

We are waiting on Solomon and the boat now. Should only be a couple of days, I hope. My new appearance unsettles me, now that I am beginning to look more and more like a real dragon thanks to Landella. My friend’s seem so distant now. They have been handling me with kid gloves as it were. It hurts. They don’t seem to have faith or trust in me anymore. Not that I can blame them too much for that. It’s my fault for being so weak. If only I was stronger…

Hearthlit 14, 1014

So that was… unfortunate. Stupid dragon. Not the black one, but my dragon. I guess I should be clear. We won against the dragon and the orges. We did very well actually. After the dragon and first wave of orges, however, I became obsessed with the thought of having the dragon’s hoard. For myself. I tried to resist the urge knowing full well that it wasn’t me wanting it, but that it was simply the curse manipulating me. I failed to resist and ended up diving in the pool of acid for it and causing a confrontation with Mark, Cyrus, and Sebastian. I still owe them an apology.

The worst, however, was yet to come. After we fought a small army of orges and were left with basically nothing left in us there were three orges left. These were different from the rest as they seemed to be the village leaders, and they demanded the dragon’s skull which I had claimed for myself to incorporate into my armor. Something inside of me just snapped at that and without much thought I charged the three of them on my own. Stupid, stupid idea. For my own self-preservation I put on Hiricine’s ring. Also a very stupid idea.

I saw my body act of it’s own accord, and the dragon spirit that had been inside my body because of the curse was now walking around. I was powerless. Her name is Landella, the Ice Dragon. Or frosty tits if you ask Mark. Either way I was powerless for days. I could hear and see everything around me, but I had no control. It was terrifying. She now speaks to me whenever she wishes and is always talking down to me and repeating my own doubts back to me.

I pray the others have a better time managing their curse than I do mine.


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