Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterlift 24, 1014

Today was very successful. We went into the woods, passing signs that warn against trespassing, and started making our way through them. Sebastian took to the air to scout and came back with large arrows in him and a direction for us to go in. We went northwest for a little ways before coming under fire from scouts. Sebastian and Mark into the woods after an archer while I stayed with Cyrus to attempt and take care of the other one, but he proved too skilled in making his way around in the woods and got away. We eventually made our way to the fortress that Sebastian had seen earlier. Mark went out ahead and stated that we cam in peace and just needed some crimson nightshade. After a brief conversation he came back for the rest of us and then we were all led to this massive great hall and were made to kneel before a throne. Sitting in this chair was,. I’m guessing, the chief and next to him a beautifully made scythe. We explained to him the situation and he gave us three options: one of us had to join the town to replace the scout that had been killed, one of us had to die, or the strongest had to fight him and perhaps die. Cyrus almost volunteered to stay, until he found out it was permanent. I stood up and accepted his challenge.

I don’t think the others were overly thrilled by this, but they were given the crimson nightshade and forced to leave. Mark threatened to kill me in the afterlife if I didn’t make it back. Glad to see that he cares. A fight ensued between the chief and I, and I won handily. I was kicked out and then got lost trying to find my way out of the forest. I met back up with the guys that were waiting for me where we camped yesterday. We traveled just a little bit away from the woods before making camp tonight.

Winterlift 23, 1014

This morning was rather irritating. I got woken to be told that some of our belongings got stolen. How they managed to steal our things while we had someone on watch is beyond me. Tracks led in three directions: the woods, the water, and toward some caves. Mark went into the water with Sebastian flying overhead to make sure nothing got him while I followed after Cyrus who went toward the caves. Eventually we came across a camping ground of sorts and some kind of lizard folk. After a brief fight we collected our belongings and went back to our camp grounds for more sleep. We are going to wait until tomorrow until fighting the wolves so that our spellcasters can have uninterrupted sleep.

Winterlift 22, 1014

We got to the coast today. We are making camp here before going into the woods/enemy territory tomorrow.

Winterlift 19, 1014

We got back to Redriver today. We were just in time for me to see Marcel off. It was nice sharing a drink with him before he left. Sebastian went to Ms. Amanda, the weaver, to get silver threads woven into his hand-wraps. That will be useful when we go to fight the wolves when they are done in three days time.

Winterlift 18, 1014

Today was uneventful, but something Sebastian said has been bothering me. According to him, and the others, I died during the Naga fight. I died. I don’t know what to make of it. I know Sebastian cannot lie, which is why it bugs me so much. Maybe he’s mistaken and thinks I died when I really didn’t. But the resurrection vial is gone. He said he used it on me to save my life. To bring me back. I don’t know what I should think. My father died almost two months ago, and after escaping death so many times I guess it was bound to happen eventually. What would’ve happened to my mother? What would she have done if they hadn’t saved me? …

No. I won’t let it happen. I will become stronger and death will come when I say it does. I’m Gabrielle Amastad after all. I can do anything. No demons or fire spells will stop me. They’ll see. They all will see.

Winterlift 17, 1014

After waiting on Cyrus for a day, we have finally gotten past the library. The riddle led to the back of an old fairy tale book, which then led to one of the nagas’s tongue piercing, which then led us eventually to another chamber. Thankfully we had Cyrus and Mark around to figure it out. The room beyond the library had two statues: one white and one black knight. In the white one’s hand there was a beautiful bastard sword. I went up and, after telling the others to stand back, pulled in out of it’s hands. It was so light and swung so easily. Mark then said that there were two magical ties around each of their necks, so I went to the black one and cut off it’s head. The room shook for a second and then a panel in the back wall opened revealing a final room. Inside there was an angel statue with its arms stretched out and after talking it out with the others I placed the sword in its hands. A pillar of white light came down and I grabbed the sword again. The hilt had two gems revealed in it now. We stayed the night in this room.

Winterlift 15, 1014

Today went much better than two days ago. We came across a couple of skeletons and a bone []. The skeletons didn’t stand much of a chance and Sebastian handled the other thing with ease. We came then into library where we had to figure out a strange puzzle. Cyrus went about reading every single book while Mark, Sebastian, and I tried to figure out what the ten statues in the room meant. They consisted of a rat, snake, dragon, human, halfling, fairy, skeleton, [], [], and []. After pushing all of the statues only the human, halfling, fairy, and skeleton moved. When we put anything on the skeleton’s pedestal other than the skeleton it turned into dust, and it the pile of dust that was the fairy statue Mark found some sort of gem. He then proceeded to look through books as well while Sebastian and I, who weren’t doing much of anything, played a few rounds of chess.

Winterlift 13, 1014

We found the river’s end today. It was a waterfall running beside a statue of a man with a sword grasped in his hands pointed downward. I’m glad we stayed on the dry land. We examined the statue and I found a hole in between its legs that led to some sort of chamber underneath. Cyrus sent his familiar to investigate with the help of a pebble with the Light spell casted on it (thanks to Mark). Hiira came back to report that there was a monster just down the hall with three heads, the body of a lion, and wings. Ah, a challenge! But first we had to find a way down there. Cyrus used a Detect Secret Doors spell and uncovered a door in the leg of the statue. We went down and to the monster that Hira had described. We beat it rather easily. Cyrus has been working on his shooting, though he didn’t hit it much he didn’t hit us either! The next room had two nagas in it. I really hate nagas. One came up to us and hit Mark and I with a lightening chain thing, which caused some discomfort. The other one did the same to Cyrus, but he seemed alright. I went after that one while Sebastian took the other, and both Mark and Cyrus stayed in the back to provide support fire. The one I was fighting started using some sort of fire spell against me, and after the third set of them I must have blacked out.

I awoke to Sebastian right above me and Cyrus off to the side who said “Welcome back” as I came around. I have no idea what he means by that. I couldn’t have been out for more than a few minutes, I think. Mark got angry though. He marched right in there and killed both of them after he had used a sleep spell of some kind on them. I don’t feel great after that experience, but everyone decided that resting for a day would be beneficial for us so that we could recover our full strength. I’m pissed off about the nagas though. How dare they exploit one of my weaknesses. They are lucky that Mark finished them off before I could, though it’s upsetting that Mark had to kill them and not me.

Winterlift 10, 1014

Today was spent confined to my room, yet again, by Sebastian and Mark. I felt back to almost 100 percent, but they were insistent so I decided might as well go along with them. Then boredom set in. My mother came home today around noon for a brief moment and dropped off a book about King Cale. The reading was a nice break from the boredom, but there was something odd about it, and when I got to the back of it there was this analysis about how he is depicted with two different swords, the first being a bastard and the later being a greatsword. I decided to give the book over to Mark as he has probably heard stories of it, and then he disappeared for a while. In the meantime I thoroughly beaten at chess numerous times by Sebastian. I really should have paid more attention to father’s lessons. After the fifth beating, I asked to spar as I had to see if my repaired armor could withstand blows anyway. I felt much better after driving him to the point of giving up. He may have the brains, but I definitely have the brawn. I haven’t seen Marcel in days. Maybe he’s leaving me alone for a while, which scares me. Mark came back a while later and then, after much thought and violin playing, he said that we must go find Cale’s old sword to help against the werewolves. After some debate, we all agreed. Tomorrow we set out for the river’s end.

Winterlift 9, 1014

I woke up in the middle of the courtyard at the large house on the outskirts of town this morning in a massive amount of pain. This was after running into a little old lady yesterday who claimed that a demon was at this house, declaring that no man could take him on. He stood about a foot taller than me and had horns that twisted in height that was about twice as big as his head. He was painted in tribal paints and looked menacing. I thought that his bark would be worse than the bite. He overwhelmed me with his lucky shots. I’ll get him next time if our paths cross again.

But that was yesterday. After I woke up, knowing that I could not handle another fight and unwilling to risk him being in town, I crawled around the edge of town back to the house and fell asleep on my bed. I was awoken later by Mark, Sebastian, and Cyrus. They seemed really concerned. Apparently I had been gone for two days. I still can’t believe it. I would say that they were playing a trick on me, but Sebastian kept insisting and he never jokes like this. I guess I looked worst than I felt as Mark and Sebastian both insisted that I lay in bed and rest for the rest of the day. I tried to insist that I was fine, I felt okay after Mark’s healing spells, but they were not convinced. I reluctantly went to bed.

There was something I couldn’t shake though. I had some sort of dream while I was out cold. I was in the realm of Herasing, god of the hunt. He approached me and told me that my time had not yet come. That I was a lychanthrope, a pet project of his. He gave me two options: to hunt or be hunted. I hunted the targets that he lined up for me: a werewolf and a giant ant the size of the church in Redriver. He said he was impressed and that I would receive a gift. While in my room arguing with Mark and Sebastian I noticed a ring on a necklace around my neck that wasn’t there before. It was a ring with the face of a wolf on it as well as a divination and transmutation enchantment on it.


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