Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Swelterhind 1, 1014 [Part 2]


The mages gathered around him and forced into him the souls of past Archmages. They exercised the fiend from his arm. The darkness; the black fiend straight from a nightmare was standing there, bigger than life. Cyrus, with his new found magic, pushed the three of us back and shielded us. Magic went flying everywhere. The ground shook, the sky darkened, everything was going to Hell. My father had always said that the fury of a wizard is a sight that most wish to never see. Cyrus fought and fought…

With one great last assault he trapped the fiend into the earth and shattered the statue it created, but not intentionally. Under the strain of the other souls Cyrus’s body began to glow. In an instant, with a thunderous explosion… Nothing… Cyrus was gone…

The Archmage started barking orders at the other mages. Screaming “Find him! Find him!” He was nowhere to be seen.

We went back to Talos, which was now safe from any threat. Cyrus’s parents would be safe. He would appreciate that. Mark began to play probably one of the saddest song I have ever heard come off of his violin.

Cyrus… I’m so, so sorry…. We failed you….

Swelterhind 1, 1014 [Part 1]

The day to rid Cyrus of the fiend is upon us. We will be marching to the site several miles outside of Talos beside him. May the divines help us.

Swelterfore 24, 1014

We made it back to Talos. Cyrus talked to the Archmage and got Lance and his mother room, board, and access to the college. Lance looks so much like Andy…

On a more serious note, Cyrus told us that the Archmage and him talked about a way to remove the thing in his arm, and that in a week’s time they would try to get rid of it. The rest of us said we would be by his side. He didn’t argue, after a point. He told us that it’s not guaranteed to work, and that we could all die. I’d rather die by a friend than to live as a coward.

Swelterfore 18, 1014

Mark had a great idea. A terrifically horrible idea. Mark suspects that the vampires would be in the restricted noble district and that we should look into it. As he distracted the guards, Sebastian, Cyrus, and I snuck into the area.

[In progress]

Swelterfore 17, 1014

We made it to Innistrad, and how the village grew. It was like walking into another Talos: we had to ask for confirmation that it was indeed Innistrad. Lance tried to show us where he used to live, but it was nothing but slums. We tried looking for her, but of no avail. We had Lance stay at the inn we found while we went and searched for her. Mark was the only one to come back with information: vampires.

Apparently some of those in the slums have been going missing and rumor has it that it might have something to do with vampires. After a long night of trying to find anything, Mark devised a plan to rescue Lance’s mother, but he has so far refused to tell us anything until the morning.

Oh dear.

Swelterfore 15, 1014

With everyone rested up from the victory and celebration of curing ourselves, Lance has asked if we could bring him home. Finally, after six months, he can go see his mother again. He looks so happy at just the thought of it…. We set out in the morning.

Swelterfore 13, 1014

We waited until sunset before going into the forest away from Redriver. I stopped at the hill where my father is buried and asked everyone to meet me there. I presented each of them with their gift, and the best part is that they all seemed to like the designs! That was a relief going into the night.

We went into the woods to drink the potion away from people. Lance was so brave. When we all drank it, we crashed to the ground. Next thing I remember is standing across from beasts that matched our curse, but we were cured! Landella held an axe like mine. A fight ensued and I rushed her. She was not quite as competent with her fighting as she would have liked to believed, but when my axe split her in two I felt a tug in the back of my head and I awoke to see Sebastian, Cyrus, Mark, and Lance still out cold. The wait was torture, but they all woke up, thank the divines.

We went to the tavern and had a glass of the spiced apple ale that Redriver is famous for and toasted to our victory and drank away the evening vowing to never forget Swelterfore 13.

Swelterfore 12, 1014

Tomorrow is the night. Anticipation and excitement are competing to see which one will take the bigger hold of me. Try as I might I cannot get my mind off of Hiricine. I cannot wait to be rid of his beast and no longer his puppet, but as he’s a deity I can only hope that this potion will truly cure us from his hold.

I have finally finished my project. Arthur has offered to help me polish and box them up in the morning so that they can be given as gifts before tomorrow evening. He praises them as my best work yet, but I still see so many faults with them due to the rush and lack of practice in so long. Hopefully the others will appreciate the sentiment even if their appearance falls sub-par.

Swelterfore 9, 1014

The potion is finally ready, but we’ve been instructed to wait until the full moon which will not be for another few nights. In the meantime I will be finishing Sebastian’s dagger hopefully before we go and try to fight off our beasts. Arthur is very happy to see me working on my craft with such “eagerness and drive” as he called it. He’s been helping me refine and polish up the completed ones and has eased right back into his mentoring style that he used to take on when I was his apprentice. Those were much simpler days back then. Outside of the forge, Cyrus and Lance’s study sessions have been going well. Lance is learning a few supposedly basic spells, and he seems eager to learn more. Perhaps once this curse is resolved and he is reunited with his mother he can continue with his studies. He reminds me so much of Andrew…

Swelterfore 7, 1014

The potion to rid us of these beasts should be ready tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the last night I have to deal with scales and an unpleasant dragon. Being at the forge all day over the past week has helped, I think. She’s at least quiet while I’m beside the flames. I’m almost done with the daggers for everyone as well. I have the one for Lance, Mark, and Cyrus finished. Only the one for Sebastian remains to be completed.


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