Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Sproutsend 12, 1014

I had another dream last night in which I was being chased by his wolves. I barely got away again. Why is this dream plaguing me?

Sproutsend 8, 1014

On the road today we came across a small shrine on the side of the road. Sebastian asked us to hold up for a few minutes as he prayed at it and placed inside the marker one of the stones that glows when music is played. Mark played a very somber melody, it fit the mood I guess. The marker is for Sebastian’s fallen comrade who was killed by orcs.

Sproutsend 7, 1014

There was a knock on the door last night. It was a young man who introduced himself as Jeremiah who was seeking shelter from the rainy night. As it turns out he is Simon’s nephew and is on his way to bring him a tool to help make the cure that we are gathering the ingredients for.

Sproutsend 4, 1014

I had an odd dream last night. I was being chased by wolves. Hiricine’s wolves. They kept chasing and chasing me and I barely escaped them. I’m not sure what to make of this, whether I should be concerned about it or not. Sebastian seemed uneasy about it when I shared my dream with the others. I guess time will tell what it means.

Sproutsend 3, 1014

Today was productive at least. We arrived in Talos this morning and I followed Cyrus up to the mage’s college upon our arrival and we found out two things: there is only one place where black dragons reside and that place is Illsmarsh. I was then excused from the room while the arch mage talked to Cyrus. When Cyrus came out he, with a solemn look, informed me that there is a way to get that fiend out of his arm but there was a 60% chance that it would kill him. We met up with the others for lunch at the tavern, exchanged information, and then planned to teleport to Cliffport to try and contract a ship to take us to Illsmarsh.

We arrived in Cliffport and Mark, Sebastian, and I went to the docks while Cyrus went to the mage college here looking for information. The three of us had no luck. Cyrus did find out about an old sailor captain who sailed to Illsmarsh frequently who lives on Kale in a coastal town of Mistclove, so we teleported back to Talos and are here resting for the night as the unfavorable weather is keeping us inside.

Winterlift 30, 1014

So far nothing interesting has happened on our way back to Talos. It’s been rather boring, but it’s given us ample time to recover from the werewolf encounter.

Winterlift 25, 1014

We’ve decided to bypass Redriver on the way back to Talos. Though I would like to sleep in my own bed again, it’s probably for the best that we speed up this trip and hurry toward the cure.

Winterlift 24, 1014

Today was very successful. We went into the woods, passing signs that warn against trespassing, and started making our way through them. Sebastian took to the air to scout and came back with large arrows in him and a direction for us to go in. We went northwest for a little ways before coming under fire from scouts. Sebastian and Mark into the woods after an archer while I stayed with Cyrus to attempt and take care of the other one, but he proved too skilled in making his way around in the woods and got away. We eventually made our way to the fortress that Sebastian had seen earlier. Mark went out ahead and stated that we cam in peace and just needed some crimson nightshade. After a brief conversation he came back for the rest of us and then we were all led to this massive great hall and were made to kneel before a throne. Sitting in this chair was,. I’m guessing, the chief and next to him a beautifully made scythe. We explained to him the situation and he gave us three options: one of us had to join the town to replace the scout that had been killed, one of us had to die, or the strongest had to fight him and perhaps die. Cyrus almost volunteered to stay, until he found out it was permanent. I stood up and accepted his challenge.

I don’t think the others were overly thrilled by this, but they were given the crimson nightshade and forced to leave. Mark threatened to kill me in the afterlife if I didn’t make it back. Glad to see that he cares. A fight ensued between the chief and I, and I won handily. I was kicked out and then got lost trying to find my way out of the forest. I met back up with the guys that were waiting for me where we camped yesterday. We traveled just a little bit away from the woods before making camp tonight.

Winterlift 23, 1014

This morning was rather irritating. I got woken to be told that some of our belongings got stolen. How they managed to steal our things while we had someone on watch is beyond me. Tracks led in three directions: the woods, the water, and toward some caves. Mark went into the water with Sebastian flying overhead to make sure nothing got him while I followed after Cyrus who went toward the caves. Eventually we came across a camping ground of sorts and some kind of lizard folk. After a brief fight we collected our belongings and went back to our camp grounds for more sleep. We are going to wait until tomorrow until fighting the wolves so that our spellcasters can have uninterrupted sleep.

Winterlift 22, 1014

We got to the coast today. We are making camp here before going into the woods/enemy territory tomorrow.


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