Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterhold 1, 1014

We went into the basement of the college today to clear out the goblin problem. I also found out that Derek is afraid of bugs, considering he shot a giant stag beetle that then attacked us, which I killed by finding a slit in its exoskeleton and drove my sword through it. Going to keep him away from insects if at all possible from now on though. We traveled further into dug out paths and ran across some goblins. Derek must have been still charged up from the bug attacking because he slaughtered a good number of them—and even stole my kill! Sebastian was also doing quite well as he put his foot through a couple of their skulls. We traveled even further and came across more of them, this time I killed two. After that fight Michel had asked Cyrus if he knew the Mending spell because he had accidentally snapped two of his bow strings, and when Cyrus said no I told him to give the string to me. I used the Mending spell I had asked for that morning to repair it. Everyone was surprised I had magic and demanded to know where it had come from, it was then I revealed to them that I am a cleric of Kord and that it was thanks to Cyrus finding and giving me my mother’s old holy symbol that I can cast magic. I also took time to heal Pandora and Derek as they had both been shot in the shoulder. We traveled then to the next room where all of the goblins and the hobgoblin had been slain already. There were scorch marks, arrows, and sword slashes. We followed the rogue into the room she had found behind the throne that the hobgoblin was sitting it, and the walls were covered in murals depicting (according to Derek) the war between Elves and Orcs. I stood between everyone and a stone door that was on the other side of the room, if there were enemies beyond it then they would have to go through me before getting to them. I heard Derek playing something on his panpipes, and then the room started glowing and the stone door I was standing near started rising.

On the other side of the door there were six mirrors lined with gemstones: ruby, garnet, emerald, sapphire, rose quartz, and amethyst. Beyond the mirrors there was a throne, and a spirit of an elven woman. She informed us that six adventurers had also entered the room and each had gone inside of a mirror, and asked us to protect the treasure from falling into the wrong hands. I chose the mirror lined with sapphires. When I was inside I saw the man a tad taller than I with scraggly red hair and a long sword and shield. I asked him who he was to which he responded that he was hired to kill me. We fought. He gave me a nasty scar across my face, and then I took his head. Thankfully I found some cure critical wounds potions on him otherwise I might have not stumbled out of there without passing out. Everyone made it out okay, but Cyrus seemed extremely conflicted about something. He wanted to be left alone, so we gave him his space. I went to the church and prayed, offering thanks to Kord for lending me strength, and asked for the strength to help out the elven spirit that is trapped down below the college.

Frostfall 31, 1013

The last day of the year, and it’s so bitterly cold outside. I left Cyrus’s house a bit earlier this morning than I would have normally, seeing how this was the first time in a while that Cyrus had been home I figured that he would want some time alone with his parents, or that they would demand said time of him. Derek was up quite early in order to attend rehearsal for the play he was to be apart of this evening. Though he was moving and responding he seemed like he was still asleep as he walked toward the city. I wandered about in the woods thinking back on the Hearth’s Warming I had spent with my family, and this would be my first one without any of them and my first one with my Dad departed. It was sad to dwell on that thought for very long, so I tried my best not to do so.

The day past without too many events. We all went to go see the play that Derek was in, and it was marvelous. I have never seen anything so beautifully tragic. I doubt there was a dry eye in the house. Afterwards we went back to Cyrus’s home and sat around the fire telling stories and tales of old. I told a tale from my parents’ adventuring times. Sebastian did not tell a tale, as he explained that he was unaccustomed to the festivities of Hearth’s Warming, but he did present a beautiful sculpture of a white wolf with blue eyes; just like I had seen in my dream a few days ago. Apparently I was not the only one to have that dream as everyone started asking where he saw the wolf and saying that they had had dreams about it. It was a good night overall, I guess, though I do miss not spending it with my family. Well, my mother now… I hope she’s okay. Tomorrow we go and take care of problem in the college.

Frostfall 30, 1013

We made it to Talos today, not that we couldn’t tell it was Talos or anything by being able to see it from miles away. This city is huge! Then again, the only place I have to compare this to is Redriver so there isn’t much competition as to which is larger. Upon entering the city we all decided to split up and meet at the mage’s college after two hours. I chose to go to the church. I found it with ease (granted there were many signs pointing me in the right direction), and was immediately intimidated by the sheer size and beauty of it. If I didn’t know any better I would think that this one building could house all of Redriver’s people (which it probably could now that I think about it). Kord’s section was not hard to distinguish from the rest of the church, and once I was standing there I felt slightly relieved and relaxed. I began praying for my father’s soul’s safety. After which I felt the heaviness of the burden of guilt and blame lift ever so slightly off of my shoulders. Though I cannot forgive myself for my inability and uselessness when my father needed me the most, I can now at least cope with his death better than before. Upon finishing my prayers I went and spoke with the priest in charge of this section, asking for help, guidance, and wisdom on how to be a proper and effective cleric. Most of the information he told me I had already gathered from my mother, but it was still nice to have a second opinion.

I went and met with Cyrus and the others at the gate of the mage’s college. I dare say it was larger than the church! Derek was ranting in one giant breath how he had been selected to be of some sort of play that would perform tomorrow evening. Once inside, it seemed to grow even larger! Freaking magic.A door exploded as we passed it, apparently an experiment gone wrong according to Cyrus. We went to see the Archmage, who Cyrus referred to as Old Mr. Smokey, because he was the one in charge of the dragon index we had come to look at. As fortune or disaster may have it, there is a young blue dragon mother not but 20 odd miles from Talos that we may be able to fetch the remaining nine of the scales. Only after trying to form a strategy in his office did the archmage make his presence known again by asking Cyrus if he wanted to see Matilda or not, which Cyrus immediately said no and was then informed that she was on her way to see the archmage now. We attempted to get out of there in time, but it was too late for she was coming up the stairs, saw Cyrus, and dragged him home. Sebastian, Derek, and I followed behind them.

After giving Cyrus a brutal beating, it seemed as if she calmed down for she went inside to cook and started assigning him chores that the time constraint would deem impossible for one person to do on his own, so Sebastian and I helped him. We ended up having dinner with his family and were asked by Matilda to take care of a goblin problem in the basement of the college after Hearth’s Warming.

Frostfall 29, 1013

Nothing has happened on our journey yet. No monsters, no random passer-bys, no nothing. We are to reach Talos tomorrow. I wonder what Cyrus is thinking now. Oh well, it’s none of my business. Hearth’s Warming is coming up. It’ll be my first one away from home. I wonder what my mom is going to do for Hearth’s Warming with Dad and I and Andy gone. She has Lance, so that’s something I guess. I hope he’s okay, he probably misses his mom terrible.

Frostfall 25, 1013

I had an odd dream last night. It was pure white, nothing disturbing the purity of the snow. Suddenly I see a white wolf with sapphire blue eyes just staring at me, and then disappearing. I don’t know what to make of it, so I won’t tell anyone about it. It seems too odd to be a normal dream, but I’m probably over thinking it. It’s just a dream, right? There are five more days worth of travel until we reach Talos.

Frostfall 24, 1013

We passed by Innistrad today. It’s hard to believe that only 12 days ago I showed up here to start my adventuring career and improve on my strength. Only to end up cursed and unable to help those who really need it. It pains me to think about what’s going on through the mother’s mind.

Frostfall 22, 1013

Slept in longer today than I thought I would’ve and just barely woke up in time to meet my mother before she entered town. We talked—I told her about Dad and showed her the grave. The house also got done, so I stayed there. Mom gave me some advice on how to be a Cleric. I never knew before that she had been a cleric of Kord, I guess that explains why Cyrus found a holy symbol in the debris yesterday. Tomorrow we leave for Talos; Cyrus’s home city. He’s seemed a little more…odd lately because of it. He finally explained to us what his mother, Matilda, was like and how he feared going home in his current state. Let’s hope for the best, shall we?

Frostfall 21, 1013

Mom comes home tomorrow, and I still don’t have any idea how to tell her. I will figure out something while working; there’s still a lot to do. I’ve only had time for three hour rests and one meal each day. I must keep working hard and prove myself. I must get stronger to help those who need it.

Frostfall 20, 1013

I buried Dad today, out on the field’s biggest hill looking out upon the town he died defending. I will have a stone made for him when most manageable repairs are underway. I’ve also heard that Mom returns in two days. I spent all daylight hours rebuilding and searching for survivors, and with the help of the buckler I found at the college I continued working until a couple hours after dark. Work comes early tomorrow.

Frostfall 19, 1013

Today started with promise. In the next room beyond the fountain Sebastian ran halfway across the room and did a flying kick through the coffin on the other side, crashing through the lid, and kicking a vampire in the chest. After a long fight I jumped onto a table and brought my great sword down on it’s neck, beheading it. We found a beautiful bedroom, Pandora ran and hugged the double length chest made out of a strange blue material I am unfamiliar with. I wandered off to explore the other areas, accidentally setting off the two traps to the left, in one chest I found a buckler with Pelor’s symbol that, when struck, casts light. I then proceeded back down the hall and across the room to the other room. In the two chest I opened in that room, I found a Cure Light wounds wand with 11 charges and two rings: ring of protection and water breathing. As I was in that room I happened to glance out the window that was there and saw smoke coming from the direction of Redriver. I turned and bolted from the room as fast as possible. I came upon a town half in flames. A building exploded and stood before me a demon that I couldn’t manage to even scratch, but I had to keep it from hurting others. Dad came along then and destroyed it with one spell. With the demon out of the way I saw the weird sorcerer from yesterday. He opened a portal, and to my horror a beholder came out of it. I could do nothing. An epic battle ensued with spells flying back and forth. The monster didn’t stand a chance against Dad; he was the best spellcaster I knew…but there is always a price to pay for victory. I ran to his side when he collapsed. It frightened me. I had never seen such a fierce battle before. The beholder was dead, and my Dad was now in my arms with his lower half gone. I couldn’t help myself, I was crying. I was helpless. I couldn’t… He said he was proud of me. I don’t see how when I failed him when he needed me the most. It was only after he passed on that I realized that my very home had caught ablaze. Lance would’ve been in there. Despite the tears I rushed forward and dove into the fire to find him, which I did as he was under the bed. As I maneuvered Lance under me for his safety some of the crossbeams came down burning my left left and back in a “X” shape. Lance is okay, a little shaken though. Tomorrow I go and bury Dad at dawn and then help to rebuild my town. The scar I now have will be a reminder of my failure, my inability to save those closest to me. The rest of the day I went around saving those I could. How do I tell Mom that Dad’s gone? It’s my fault… I’m so sorry Dad, I love you…


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