Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterlift 9, 1014

I woke up in the middle of the courtyard at the large house on the outskirts of town this morning in a massive amount of pain. This was after running into a little old lady yesterday who claimed that a demon was at this house, declaring that no man could take him on. He stood about a foot taller than me and had horns that twisted in height that was about twice as big as his head. He was painted in tribal paints and looked menacing. I thought that his bark would be worse than the bite. He overwhelmed me with his lucky shots. I’ll get him next time if our paths cross again.

But that was yesterday. After I woke up, knowing that I could not handle another fight and unwilling to risk him being in town, I crawled around the edge of town back to the house and fell asleep on my bed. I was awoken later by Mark, Sebastian, and Cyrus. They seemed really concerned. Apparently I had been gone for two days. I still can’t believe it. I would say that they were playing a trick on me, but Sebastian kept insisting and he never jokes like this. I guess I looked worst than I felt as Mark and Sebastian both insisted that I lay in bed and rest for the rest of the day. I tried to insist that I was fine, I felt okay after Mark’s healing spells, but they were not convinced. I reluctantly went to bed.

There was something I couldn’t shake though. I had some sort of dream while I was out cold. I was in the realm of Herasing, god of the hunt. He approached me and told me that my time had not yet come. That I was a lychanthrope, a pet project of his. He gave me two options: to hunt or be hunted. I hunted the targets that he lined up for me: a werewolf and a giant ant the size of the church in Redriver. He said he was impressed and that I would receive a gift. While in my room arguing with Mark and Sebastian I noticed a ring on a necklace around my neck that wasn’t there before. It was a ring with the face of a wolf on it as well as a divination and transmutation enchantment on it.

Winterlift 7, 1014

The past few days have been relaxing, but I tire of sitting in Redriver. Tomorrow we should be finalizing any needed preparations and Marcel will hopefully finish training me and teaching me how to best take care of Embara. I grow tired of sitting still. I want action.

Changing to Pathfinder

During the break from running this campaign it had been decided to convert to Pathfinder. This means that we will be looking at the Monster campaign through a different multiverse portal. The following are changes to the game in terms of players, items, events, etc.

  • The number of players is reduced to four: Sebastian, Gabrielle, Cyrus, and Mark. Derek and Pandora do not exist in this particular universe. Michel may have come and left or just never joined the party to begin with (possibly eaten by Kobolds).
  • Note: All of these characters have been modified in some shape, form, or fashion and therefore are different from there 3.5 counterparts.
  • During the adventure in which Derek and Pandora were cursed by Cyrus it was Mark instead. His monster traits are that of a humanoid fox creature. He has been with the party since then.
  • Gabi’s massive weapon has been changed to just a normal-sized greataxe.
  • Mark is holding onto the type 1 Bag of Holding, with a new list of items to be determined by the GM.
  • Sebastian is wearing the resurrection vial.
  • Mark is proficient with stringed instruments instead of wind and has no known siblings.

Please note that the following journals are written by the Pathfinder version of Gabrielle.

Winterlift 5, 1014 Part 2

Something odd has happened and I’m not sure what the hell to think. Apparently going through that arcane vortex thing sent me and Michel to a different universe or something. Apparently. The others seem the same as ours, but they claim us to be different. They are making a ridiculous claim that I was once a cleric. Maybe, I don’t know though. I don’t pretend to know what all is going on, but I’m going to roll with it. Speaking of rolling, I get to Redriver and get greeted by a swift kick to the chest as Marcel was looking for me. Whoops. I got beat pretty bad during our training session. I had no idea that he could use healing of make a fire burst around him. It’s interesting. He says it’s because he is a Phoenix Knight and now wants to pass along his secrets to me. I couldn’t be more excited! I’m currently watching and trying to hatch my own Phoenix egg. I think I might name it Embara, which my mother says is Draconic for phoenix but I’m not sure yet.

We’re all together around the fireplace. They may be different versions of my new family, but they are the same people. I will love and protect them as my own.

Note to the reader

The following journals until otherwise noted take place after an arcane flux took place switching the cleric version of Gabrielle with a straight fighter version.

Winterlift 5, 1014 Part 1

We left Northaven today and are breaking for lunch. We are on track to make it to Redriver in about 5 days depending. I can’t wait to see mother and Lance again.

Winterlift 4, 1014

Today was much better. I went with Pandora and Derek to visit their mother, and after many spells plus a little trial and error I figured out what was wrong. It was an obscure poison acting like a disease, and we barely caught it in time. I went to the closest temple and gathered the necessary scrolls to use and healed her as best as I was able to. I was happy that I could do something for them. Later on in the evening I went to find Derek and Cyrus, who were at the bar. Lightweights. They were drunk, completely wasted. Naturally I had to show them how to hold their own, but ended up quite drunk. I don’t remember much else as I still have a bit of a headache, but I remember falling for Derek’s pepper trick and something about being offered a job by the barkeep.

Winterlift 3, 1014

The boat took us to the wrong port. We are now in Northaven, Southaven’s sister port and home to Pandora and Derek. They demanded we leave immediately, and so we tried after breakfast, but were delayed due to a random killing in front of the tavern that we were at. The guard who was there looking into it, who we found out to be captain of the guards, was the twin’s older sister Kris. After a brief conversation she invited us into her home where we were welcome to stay if we chose to. We also went by the Bard’s College and were introduced to their younger sister Lillian, who is studying string instruments. Derek also ran into some of his old college buddies, though I still am not sure as to whether or not he was happy to see them. We went to Kris’s house, and it is beautiful. I overheard that the twin’s mother was ill and probably on her deathbed, and offered to go with them if they chose to visit her to see if there was anything I could do to help. They said they’d let me know. By that point, I was intimidated by the grandness of the house to the point where I was uncomfortable to be in there, so I decided to leave before dinner. I was attacked by an unknown attacker and blacked out.

I woke up chained to the wall beside Michel, Sebastian, and Cyrus. Before I knew what was going on Pandora and Derek walked in and they were told of some legend involving reincarnating twins who matched their description and asked Pandora to be their leader. She said no, and a fight ensued between them and the acting leader of the assassins guild.I tried to get out to help them, but I was to slow getting out of my bonds. They handled her easily enough though.

We got back to Kris’s house, all of us. This odd family managed to stay together.

Winterlift 2, 1014

Today was definitely more exciting than yesterday. A little too exciting. The boat ride over wasn’t bad, and we got to the island while we had most of the day remaining. After talking to a man at the docks, we made our way into the woods and managed to find the cave system we were looking for. It did not take too long in the cave before we came upon the spider we had to slay. It. Was. Huge. It was the biggest creature I had ever laid my eyes upon, and it had friends. We were ready though, I thought. That spider’s bite was much harder than I would’ve guess (then again I wasn’t expecting something this big). Sebastian went down after a few hits; thank Kord I’m a cleric. It was only fitting though that after my spell brought him back to his feet that Sebastian get the killing blow against the creature. The smaller ones were easy enough to take care of. We returned to the docks with plenty of time to spare, and are now awaiting pick up.

We have one more ingredient for the potion. All that is left are the 5 crimson night shades and the black dragon’s grind stone. Wolves, they’re easy. That dragon though… I can’t wait.

Winterlift 1, 1014

We are resting the night in Southaven as we cannot charter a ship until the morning. Not much has happened as the past few days have been quiet. Tomorrow should prove otherwise, I hope.


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