Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Sproutsend 15, 1014

Well, there is always a first time for everything and if I didn’t hear it I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have believed Mark. So, we were at breakfast and Sebastian was recollecting a dream he had for us when he suddenly swears, apparently remembering that he had seen Necroy before. I’m not sure what I should be most surprised about. The fact that Sebastian had previously met the Duke of Mistgrove in a graveyard or the fact that he swore. Then again, considering what has been happening to our group, I don’t think anything will surprise me at this point. We left in a hurry following breakfast to go further south to find Solomon’s cabin. It wasn’t a terribly far walk. Solomon has agreed to help us if we clear up the water in the lake that is by Mistgrove. According to him, it has been tainted and if we want him to sail for us then we have to figure out the source and take care of the problem. After striking that deal we went back to Mistgrove and are now camped outside near the lake.

Sproutsend 14, 1014

We went and saw the Duke, Jacob Necroy, today. His chambers were… oddly decorated to say the least. Cyrus, being Cyrus, mentions the necromancy he sees and brings up polite conversation about it. I don’t know what gets into him anymore and I don’t even bother asking at this point. Cyrus will do whatever he feels like at the time he gets the notion to. Anyway, Necroy did say that Sebastian could look at the records and that he would send them over later. We thanked him for his time, but then he invited Cyrus to a private conversation to which Cyrus happily accepted. The rest of us, until Mark got impatient, were waiting outside. Cyrus came out and shared a little about the conversation and then mentioned how he gave Necroy a blood sample to work with. Blood contaminated with lycanthropy… What’s the worst that could happen?

To top this off, Mark and Cyrus went at it. Mark seemed really upset with Cyrus for trusting someone who deals in necromancy so easily and he took off. I waited up at the bar for a good bit of the night but he never returned, so I ended up searching the town for him. It was not until I went to look outside of the village did I hear his music and eventually see the tiny hut by the lake. I knocked on the door and asked him if he was alright and if I could join him. After reassuring me that he’s fine and letting me stay I entered the hut. Hopefully sleep will come quickly tonight.

Sproutsend 13, 1014

We arrived in Mistgrove this early afternoon. I accompanied Sebastian to the town hall as he wanted to know if there was anything remaining of the village that this one was built on top of. Unfortunately they had no records there but the Duke should have some in his private library. That is where we made our next stop at. The guards at the front gate halted us and told us to stay put while he went to see if the Duke was going to take visitors. He came back a short while later with an invitation for us to come back tomorrow afternoon at three. We are now relaxing at the inn until tomorrow.

Sproutsend 12, 1014

I had another dream last night in which I was being chased by his wolves. I barely got away again. Why is this dream plaguing me?

Sproutsend 8, 1014

On the road today we came across a small shrine on the side of the road. Sebastian asked us to hold up for a few minutes as he prayed at it and placed inside the marker one of the stones that glows when music is played. Mark played a very somber melody, it fit the mood I guess. The marker is for Sebastian’s fallen comrade who was killed by orcs.

Sproutsend 7, 1014

There was a knock on the door last night. It was a young man who introduced himself as Jeremiah who was seeking shelter from the rainy night. As it turns out he is Simon’s nephew and is on his way to bring him a tool to help make the cure that we are gathering the ingredients for.

Sproutsend 4, 1014

I had an odd dream last night. I was being chased by wolves. Hiricine’s wolves. They kept chasing and chasing me and I barely escaped them. I’m not sure what to make of this, whether I should be concerned about it or not. Sebastian seemed uneasy about it when I shared my dream with the others. I guess time will tell what it means.

Sproutsend 3, 1014

Today was productive at least. We arrived in Talos this morning and I followed Cyrus up to the mage’s college upon our arrival and we found out two things: there is only one place where black dragons reside and that place is Illsmarsh. I was then excused from the room while the arch mage talked to Cyrus. When Cyrus came out he, with a solemn look, informed me that there is a way to get that fiend out of his arm but there was a 60% chance that it would kill him. We met up with the others for lunch at the tavern, exchanged information, and then planned to teleport to Cliffport to try and contract a ship to take us to Illsmarsh.

We arrived in Cliffport and Mark, Sebastian, and I went to the docks while Cyrus went to the mage college here looking for information. The three of us had no luck. Cyrus did find out about an old sailor captain who sailed to Illsmarsh frequently who lives on Kale in a coastal town of Mistclove, so we teleported back to Talos and are here resting for the night as the unfavorable weather is keeping us inside.

Winterlift 30, 1014

So far nothing interesting has happened on our way back to Talos. It’s been rather boring, but it’s given us ample time to recover from the werewolf encounter.


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