Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterlift 3, 1014

The boat took us to the wrong port. We are now in Northaven, Southaven’s sister port and home to Pandora and Derek. They demanded we leave immediately, and so we tried after breakfast, but were delayed due to a random killing in front of the tavern that we were at. The guard who was there looking into it, who we found out to be captain of the guards, was the twin’s older sister Kris. After a brief conversation she invited us into her home where we were welcome to stay if we chose to. We also went by the Bard’s College and were introduced to their younger sister Lillian, who is studying string instruments. Derek also ran into some of his old college buddies, though I still am not sure as to whether or not he was happy to see them. We went to Kris’s house, and it is beautiful. I overheard that the twin’s mother was ill and probably on her deathbed, and offered to go with them if they chose to visit her to see if there was anything I could do to help. They said they’d let me know. By that point, I was intimidated by the grandness of the house to the point where I was uncomfortable to be in there, so I decided to leave before dinner. I was attacked by an unknown attacker and blacked out.

I woke up chained to the wall beside Michel, Sebastian, and Cyrus. Before I knew what was going on Pandora and Derek walked in and they were told of some legend involving reincarnating twins who matched their description and asked Pandora to be their leader. She said no, and a fight ensued between them and the acting leader of the assassins guild.I tried to get out to help them, but I was to slow getting out of my bonds. They handled her easily enough though.

We got back to Kris’s house, all of us. This odd family managed to stay together.


JonWeaver esoules8

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