Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterlift 24, 1014

Today was very successful. We went into the woods, passing signs that warn against trespassing, and started making our way through them. Sebastian took to the air to scout and came back with large arrows in him and a direction for us to go in. We went northwest for a little ways before coming under fire from scouts. Sebastian and Mark into the woods after an archer while I stayed with Cyrus to attempt and take care of the other one, but he proved too skilled in making his way around in the woods and got away. We eventually made our way to the fortress that Sebastian had seen earlier. Mark went out ahead and stated that we cam in peace and just needed some crimson nightshade. After a brief conversation he came back for the rest of us and then we were all led to this massive great hall and were made to kneel before a throne. Sitting in this chair was,. I’m guessing, the chief and next to him a beautifully made scythe. We explained to him the situation and he gave us three options: one of us had to join the town to replace the scout that had been killed, one of us had to die, or the strongest had to fight him and perhaps die. Cyrus almost volunteered to stay, until he found out it was permanent. I stood up and accepted his challenge.

I don’t think the others were overly thrilled by this, but they were given the crimson nightshade and forced to leave. Mark threatened to kill me in the afterlife if I didn’t make it back. Glad to see that he cares. A fight ensued between the chief and I, and I won handily. I was kicked out and then got lost trying to find my way out of the forest. I met back up with the guys that were waiting for me where we camped yesterday. We traveled just a little bit away from the woods before making camp tonight.


JonWeaver esoules8

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