Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterlift 10, 1014

Today was spent confined to my room, yet again, by Sebastian and Mark. I felt back to almost 100 percent, but they were insistent so I decided might as well go along with them. Then boredom set in. My mother came home today around noon for a brief moment and dropped off a book about King Cale. The reading was a nice break from the boredom, but there was something odd about it, and when I got to the back of it there was this analysis about how he is depicted with two different swords, the first being a bastard and the later being a greatsword. I decided to give the book over to Mark as he has probably heard stories of it, and then he disappeared for a while. In the meantime I thoroughly beaten at chess numerous times by Sebastian. I really should have paid more attention to father’s lessons. After the fifth beating, I asked to spar as I had to see if my repaired armor could withstand blows anyway. I felt much better after driving him to the point of giving up. He may have the brains, but I definitely have the brawn. I haven’t seen Marcel in days. Maybe he’s leaving me alone for a while, which scares me. Mark came back a while later and then, after much thought and violin playing, he said that we must go find Cale’s old sword to help against the werewolves. After some debate, we all agreed. Tomorrow we set out for the river’s end.


JonWeaver esoules8

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