Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterhold 15, 1014

Today was more challenging than yesterday. It started off with Cyrus being well… like Cyrus. There was ooze all over the floor and he walks into the middle of it and somehow turns into a puddle, at which point a giant ooze creature forms (trapping him inside). I got to try out a new spell in this room though, so overall I guess I can’t be too irritated with Cyrus. The next room contained two verdant reavers, and we made firewood out of them very easily. The room after that, however, was where the challenge came in as we faced off against two force golems from what Derek informed us. On top of the the center of the room was covered with lava and there were various pits around. It took a bit of effort to take care of them, considering we had the other dangers in the room to consider while fighting. The next room was a joke in comparison. We all ganged up on the quaraphon that was lying in wait for us and it didn’t get a chance to hit us. Upon entering this rest room that followed on the wall we saw mounted a longsword. Michel took that. I’m feeling confident about what is to come, and if my memory serves me right then we should be getting close to the top. I want to know what is waiting for us up there…


JonWeaver esoules8

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