Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterhold 14, 1014

Today was not as… life threatening as compared to yesterday. All that really happened on the five floors we went through was a fight with gargoyles and carnage demons and one puzzle room. When we got to the room with the carnage demons we stumbled upon the remains of the previous challenger in this tower before us. We took on the multi-language puzzle no problem too. Then we came across a room with a mummy in it, and it was headed toward us. Michel, as he explained later, found something on the body that the carnage beasts were tearing apart and it allowed us to bypass one room. Thankfully he used it there; mummy rot is a terrible disease to contract. I think the ease in which we went through these past few rooms has given everyone the confidence to carry on. I noticed something me has changed. I have developed an extra gland in the back of my throat. After flexing the muscles I realized that I have developed a breath weapon of sorts. I’m not sure whether to be excited about this new possibility or frightened about the fact I am becoming more and more monster with each passing day. Derek also got something new: a cat. I have no idea where it came from, but it is adorable.


JonWeaver esoules8

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