Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Winterhold 1, 1014

We went into the basement of the college today to clear out the goblin problem. I also found out that Derek is afraid of bugs, considering he shot a giant stag beetle that then attacked us, which I killed by finding a slit in its exoskeleton and drove my sword through it. Going to keep him away from insects if at all possible from now on though. We traveled further into dug out paths and ran across some goblins. Derek must have been still charged up from the bug attacking because he slaughtered a good number of them—and even stole my kill! Sebastian was also doing quite well as he put his foot through a couple of their skulls. We traveled even further and came across more of them, this time I killed two. After that fight Michel had asked Cyrus if he knew the Mending spell because he had accidentally snapped two of his bow strings, and when Cyrus said no I told him to give the string to me. I used the Mending spell I had asked for that morning to repair it. Everyone was surprised I had magic and demanded to know where it had come from, it was then I revealed to them that I am a cleric of Kord and that it was thanks to Cyrus finding and giving me my mother’s old holy symbol that I can cast magic. I also took time to heal Pandora and Derek as they had both been shot in the shoulder. We traveled then to the next room where all of the goblins and the hobgoblin had been slain already. There were scorch marks, arrows, and sword slashes. We followed the rogue into the room she had found behind the throne that the hobgoblin was sitting it, and the walls were covered in murals depicting (according to Derek) the war between Elves and Orcs. I stood between everyone and a stone door that was on the other side of the room, if there were enemies beyond it then they would have to go through me before getting to them. I heard Derek playing something on his panpipes, and then the room started glowing and the stone door I was standing near started rising.

On the other side of the door there were six mirrors lined with gemstones: ruby, garnet, emerald, sapphire, rose quartz, and amethyst. Beyond the mirrors there was a throne, and a spirit of an elven woman. She informed us that six adventurers had also entered the room and each had gone inside of a mirror, and asked us to protect the treasure from falling into the wrong hands. I chose the mirror lined with sapphires. When I was inside I saw the man a tad taller than I with scraggly red hair and a long sword and shield. I asked him who he was to which he responded that he was hired to kill me. We fought. He gave me a nasty scar across my face, and then I took his head. Thankfully I found some cure critical wounds potions on him otherwise I might have not stumbled out of there without passing out. Everyone made it out okay, but Cyrus seemed extremely conflicted about something. He wanted to be left alone, so we gave him his space. I went to the church and prayed, offering thanks to Kord for lending me strength, and asked for the strength to help out the elven spirit that is trapped down below the college.


JonWeaver esoules8

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