Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Swelterhind 1, 1014 [Part 2]


The mages gathered around him and forced into him the souls of past Archmages. They exercised the fiend from his arm. The darkness; the black fiend straight from a nightmare was standing there, bigger than life. Cyrus, with his new found magic, pushed the three of us back and shielded us. Magic went flying everywhere. The ground shook, the sky darkened, everything was going to Hell. My father had always said that the fury of a wizard is a sight that most wish to never see. Cyrus fought and fought…

With one great last assault he trapped the fiend into the earth and shattered the statue it created, but not intentionally. Under the strain of the other souls Cyrus’s body began to glow. In an instant, with a thunderous explosion… Nothing… Cyrus was gone…

The Archmage started barking orders at the other mages. Screaming “Find him! Find him!” He was nowhere to be seen.

We went back to Talos, which was now safe from any threat. Cyrus’s parents would be safe. He would appreciate that. Mark began to play probably one of the saddest song I have ever heard come off of his violin.

Cyrus… I’m so, so sorry…. We failed you….


JonWeaver esoules8

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