Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Swelterfore 9, 1014

The potion is finally ready, but we’ve been instructed to wait until the full moon which will not be for another few nights. In the meantime I will be finishing Sebastian’s dagger hopefully before we go and try to fight off our beasts. Arthur is very happy to see me working on my craft with such “eagerness and drive” as he called it. He’s been helping me refine and polish up the completed ones and has eased right back into his mentoring style that he used to take on when I was his apprentice. Those were much simpler days back then. Outside of the forge, Cyrus and Lance’s study sessions have been going well. Lance is learning a few supposedly basic spells, and he seems eager to learn more. Perhaps once this curse is resolved and he is reunited with his mother he can continue with his studies. He reminds me so much of Andrew…


JonWeaver esoules8

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