Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Swelterfore 13, 1014

We waited until sunset before going into the forest away from Redriver. I stopped at the hill where my father is buried and asked everyone to meet me there. I presented each of them with their gift, and the best part is that they all seemed to like the designs! That was a relief going into the night.

We went into the woods to drink the potion away from people. Lance was so brave. When we all drank it, we crashed to the ground. Next thing I remember is standing across from beasts that matched our curse, but we were cured! Landella held an axe like mine. A fight ensued and I rushed her. She was not quite as competent with her fighting as she would have liked to believed, but when my axe split her in two I felt a tug in the back of my head and I awoke to see Sebastian, Cyrus, Mark, and Lance still out cold. The wait was torture, but they all woke up, thank the divines.

We went to the tavern and had a glass of the spiced apple ale that Redriver is famous for and toasted to our victory and drank away the evening vowing to never forget Swelterfore 13.


JonWeaver esoules8

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