Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Hearthlit 14, 1014

So that was… unfortunate. Stupid dragon. Not the black one, but my dragon. I guess I should be clear. We won against the dragon and the orges. We did very well actually. After the dragon and first wave of orges, however, I became obsessed with the thought of having the dragon’s hoard. For myself. I tried to resist the urge knowing full well that it wasn’t me wanting it, but that it was simply the curse manipulating me. I failed to resist and ended up diving in the pool of acid for it and causing a confrontation with Mark, Cyrus, and Sebastian. I still owe them an apology.

The worst, however, was yet to come. After we fought a small army of orges and were left with basically nothing left in us there were three orges left. These were different from the rest as they seemed to be the village leaders, and they demanded the dragon’s skull which I had claimed for myself to incorporate into my armor. Something inside of me just snapped at that and without much thought I charged the three of them on my own. Stupid, stupid idea. For my own self-preservation I put on Hiricine’s ring. Also a very stupid idea.

I saw my body act of it’s own accord, and the dragon spirit that had been inside my body because of the curse was now walking around. I was powerless. Her name is Landella, the Ice Dragon. Or frosty tits if you ask Mark. Either way I was powerless for days. I could hear and see everything around me, but I had no control. It was terrifying. She now speaks to me whenever she wishes and is always talking down to me and repeating my own doubts back to me.

I pray the others have a better time managing their curse than I do mine.


JonWeaver esoules8

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