Curse of the beast lord/Princes of hell.

Frostfall 30, 1013

We made it to Talos today, not that we couldn’t tell it was Talos or anything by being able to see it from miles away. This city is huge! Then again, the only place I have to compare this to is Redriver so there isn’t much competition as to which is larger. Upon entering the city we all decided to split up and meet at the mage’s college after two hours. I chose to go to the church. I found it with ease (granted there were many signs pointing me in the right direction), and was immediately intimidated by the sheer size and beauty of it. If I didn’t know any better I would think that this one building could house all of Redriver’s people (which it probably could now that I think about it). Kord’s section was not hard to distinguish from the rest of the church, and once I was standing there I felt slightly relieved and relaxed. I began praying for my father’s soul’s safety. After which I felt the heaviness of the burden of guilt and blame lift ever so slightly off of my shoulders. Though I cannot forgive myself for my inability and uselessness when my father needed me the most, I can now at least cope with his death better than before. Upon finishing my prayers I went and spoke with the priest in charge of this section, asking for help, guidance, and wisdom on how to be a proper and effective cleric. Most of the information he told me I had already gathered from my mother, but it was still nice to have a second opinion.

I went and met with Cyrus and the others at the gate of the mage’s college. I dare say it was larger than the church! Derek was ranting in one giant breath how he had been selected to be of some sort of play that would perform tomorrow evening. Once inside, it seemed to grow even larger! Freaking magic.A door exploded as we passed it, apparently an experiment gone wrong according to Cyrus. We went to see the Archmage, who Cyrus referred to as Old Mr. Smokey, because he was the one in charge of the dragon index we had come to look at. As fortune or disaster may have it, there is a young blue dragon mother not but 20 odd miles from Talos that we may be able to fetch the remaining nine of the scales. Only after trying to form a strategy in his office did the archmage make his presence known again by asking Cyrus if he wanted to see Matilda or not, which Cyrus immediately said no and was then informed that she was on her way to see the archmage now. We attempted to get out of there in time, but it was too late for she was coming up the stairs, saw Cyrus, and dragged him home. Sebastian, Derek, and I followed behind them.

After giving Cyrus a brutal beating, it seemed as if she calmed down for she went inside to cook and started assigning him chores that the time constraint would deem impossible for one person to do on his own, so Sebastian and I helped him. We ended up having dinner with his family and were asked by Matilda to take care of a goblin problem in the basement of the college after Hearth’s Warming.


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